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TECS Judges are:

  • Experienced equine clicker trainers

  • Knowledgeable regarding equine behavior and ethology

  • Passionate about equine welfare

  • Committed to creating a kind, welcoming, and supportive community at TECS

  • Excited to encourage healthy, positive, and ethical equestrian competition

TECS Judges agree to:

  • Lead by example, demonstrating mindful, ethical, and sustainable equestrianism

  • Provide valuable, constructive feedback to competitors

  • Be inclusive and kind to all equines and competitors

  • Always put the equine’s wellbeing above the sport


New in 2024 ~ Formal Judge's Certification Process!

Round 1 of TECS Judging Certifications has already begun! Once this round is complete, we will begin accepting more applicants. If you would like to be considered for Round 2, please submit an Application.

For Competitors: Read more about TECS Scoring Guidelines in our Rules & Regulations.

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