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1.  Provide structured guidelines and goals for the development of well trained, willing equines using least intrusive, minimally aversive methods.

2.  Provide accessible and valuable feedback from experts in the equine clicker training community.

3.  Create an inclusive community and opportunity for connection amongst our members and competitors.

4.  Provide a competitive outlet for trainers who utilize least intrusive, minimally aversive methods.



The Equine Clicker Show (TECS) is a show organization, an inclusive community, and a professional network for equine clicker trainers.

  • Clicker trainers follow the Humane Hierarchy (a step-by-step guide for ethical, effective animal training) and utilize positive reinforcement. Clicker training goes by many names, including R+, +R, and reward-based training. Learn more about clicker training.

TECS offers an annual virtual competition open to all clicker trainers & their equines.

  • Competitors & equines perform behaviors as prescribed in a rubric, are judged on each behavior as well as their overall performance, and earn a percent score. Judges provide valuable feedback along with scoring.

  • Based on their score, competitors earn real, high-quality ribbons for each performance. Competitors can also win high-quality ribbons, trophies, and prizes at our annual Year-End Awards Banquet.

  • We have a variety of classes - from basic nose targets, hoof targeting, stationing, and reverse roundpen, all the way to advanced dressage, jumping, trail, and gymkhana. See our Levels, Divisions, and Classes.

  • We are friendly to ridden & non-ridden equines - all foundations classes are offered for liberty/ground handling and advanced classes have options for completion at liberty/on the ground or under saddle.

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