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Entries are submitted virtually. Videos may be shared via link or file upload, using the form on this page.

Note: Video uploads may take long periods of time, depending on video size and internet speed. We recommend using link sharing when possible, for example by Google Photos or YouTube.

Competitors must film their performance, meeting the following requirements:

  • The entire competitor & equine must be in full view at all times

  • The video should be high enough quality to show the equine & competitor's facial expressions 

  • The performance must be entire & filmed in one take

  • View the rubrics for performance instructions.

Once your entry is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email from a TECS professional. Judging typically takes 3-5 business days.

Note: To prevent delays, ensure your entry is paid at or before entry submission. Learn more about purchasing entries.

Scores are returned virtually & awards sent to the competitor's mailing address.

For any further questions, check our FAQ, Resources, or Contact.

Fill the form below to submit your entry:

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